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Security risk management & security consulting for when you need an expert's opinion. Peace of mind for companies, events or travel.

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Security Consulting & Risk Management

BGA's comprehensive security risk assessment is the first step in ensuring our client safety. Our experienced staff undergo a number of strategic measures to analyze potential security risks and project the necessary security risk management for your event, company or travel activities. We will identify vulnerabilities and create custom solutions to minimize risk.

  • We manage client security risk exposures, while providing a confidential world-class service.
  • BGA's management team has over 40 years combined experience in the Executive & VIP Protection industry
  • We are available to our clients 24 hours a day
  • BGA has provided Close Protection services to royalty, political figures, business executives, dignitaries, celebrities and sports personalities

Get the right security consultants for you.

How competent is your Protector?

A skilled Protector is a highly trained specialist who understands the needs and pressures placed on a 'Protectee' coupled with the demand for individualised security and unobtrusive protection, not somebody with the stature of a night-club bouncer or the fighting skills of a Chuck Norris.

Note: If you are questioning your current Protectors competency or are concerned about your security BGA will happily assess your Protection team's "real" ability in relation to international best practice and recommend appropriate measures to improve your current Protection profile.

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